Egg Yolk Hair Treatment

Lots of individuals around the world are switching their focus on natural hair-care treatments, as a result of damage that the compounds in shampoos and other hair-care products are doing to the hair. Also, when you can get your hair treatment done without needing to shell out all that cash, what is better! Egg yolk, the yellowish part of an egg, not only makes a nutritious diet, but also happens to be an early hair-care treatment. Egg yolks contain lecithin and protein, which fortify the hair. Also, eggs are rich in vitamin A, E and D, which are essential nutrients for prevention of baldness, enhancing hair well-being, feel and sheen. In addition they shield the hair in the effects of pollution, chlorine and UV rays.

Is Egg Yolk Great for the Hair?

There are several advantages of applying egg on hair. Deficiency of vitamins, heredity, insufficient nourishment to the scalp, etc. can result in hair loss. As we saw egg yolk is an excellent supply of protein and furnishes the scalp with essential nourishment, thus resulting in growth of healthier and shinier hair. It acts as an all-natural moisturizer to dry and damaged hair. Egg yolk application softens the hair, makes it more manageable and reduces the incidence of frizz.

Separating Egg Yolk in the White

While contemplating egg yolk for hair treatment, we must separate the egg yolk in the egg white. Because of this, you should take a glass bowl and pat the middle of the egg pretty powerfully, on the edge of the bowl. The egg will break in the middle. Now without breaking the egg open, gradually turn the egg vertically in your hand. The egg yolk being heftier will sink to the base. Now slowly break open the top part of the egg and let the egg white to ooze out into the bowl. After all the egg white in the upper eggshell cap was emptied, slowly transfer the egg yolk in the underside shell to the upper shell. Try this for several times till all the egg white gets separated in the yolk. Your egg yolk is prepared to be used for hair treatment.

Kinds of Egg Yolk Hair Treatment

Egg yolks may be used with distinct day to day commodities located in the kitchen. They make superb hair masks with oils and juices. Let's take a look at some of them:
  • Whipped Egg with White Wine Vinegar: Into two egg yolks pour some white wine vinegar and whip till a smooth, uniform consistency is obtained. The egg yolk-white wine mixture will impart an excellent sheen to the hair.
  • Egg Yolks with Lemon Juice: Apply this mixture to the hair, right in the root to the hair points. Leave the mixture on the hair for ten minutes and after that rinse with cold water. The lemon and egg mixture will reduce the stickiness from greasy hair, leaving it bouncy and light. This concoction can also be great for dandruff alleviation.
  • Egg Yolks with Yogurt and Lemon Rind: Whisk well and after that apply the mixture to moistened hair. Wash after 30 minutes and shampoo. Your hair will feel smooth and appear lustrous.
  • Egg Yolks Yolks: Take the separated egg yolk and put it in a bowl. Apply this whisked egg yolk onto the scalp and hair, and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it with cool water. For ordinary baldness, using egg yolk one time a week is proper. After a month of egg yolk application you'll discover your hair loss has reduced significantly.
  • Egg Yolks with Almond Oil: Blend well to form a paste and apply it completely onto the hair and scalp. Your hair will be smooth, shiny and moisturized. This treatment is great for people with dull and damaged locks.
  • Egg Yolk with Castor Oil: Whisk completely and apply this mixture onto damp hair. Leave it for a short while and after that rinse thoroughly to remove all the egg.
  • Egg Yolk with Linseed Oil: Rub the scalp with the mixture at the same time. After 30 minutes, rinse your hair completely. This linseed-egg yolk mixture helps treat dry hair. It's possible for you to keep the mixture on for more if you desire, yet, simply ensure it does not become overly dry or else it'll be rather hard to wash off.
  • Egg Yolk with Lavender Oil: Apply the mixture to your own hair and rinse after 30 minutes.

The abovementioned egg yolk treatments were only several of the wonders egg yolks are with the capacity of doing in combination with other ingredients. It's possible for you to add or subtract ingredients and prepare your own egg yolk hair treatment.

The best way to Make an Egg Yolk Conditioner?

Egg yolks make great conditioners at the same time.
  • Conditioner from Avocado Oil and Egg Yolks: Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and squeeze the excess water outside. Use this egg yolk solution in your hair and massage well. Rinse with cool water after 5 minutes. It is most likely the scent of eggs will last, thus apply some shampoo once more to your own hair.
  • Conditioner from Olive and Egg Yolks: To exploit egg's conditioning gains, get the egg yolk and mash a little avocado into it. Prepare a paste and apply it onto the hair completely. This mix acts as an excellent moisturizing sheath for one's hair, protecting it and giving it glow.

The best part about egg yolk hair treatments is that there's nothing to worry about. Egg yolk is safe, suits all types of hair types and has no side effects whatsoever! The only drawback of egg yolk for hair treatment is the egg smell. Egg does not have a pleasant aroma and causes the entire house to smell of egg on application. So avoid using egg yolks only before going to work or a party. The advantages of egg yolks are plenty and not worth missing as a result of the 'eggy-smell'. Have fun! 

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